Cardinal Hope

Centre of the new and bustling world of the future, Cardinal Hope is ironically named for its past as an empire of tradition and stability. What’s left of that empire remains in the country Kelipy, a once-proud benevolent nation which is slowly consumed by its neighbours with each passing year.

Just a hundred years ago, the world was a very different picture. Nowadays, the centre continent is known for its speed and intelligence. Within the last couple generations, the production and control of arcana has led to the inflated ego of an already proud race of humans. This is what they’d been struggling for: now, they were above the gods that had left them. Without the pantheon present to resent or punish them for overstepping their place, humanity has flourished. Technology, academia, communication, and expansion have all taken a new role in a smoothly running society.

Mosyl, the core of wizardry and capitalism, benefits most from this. They have taken to offering trade and assistance to their neighbours, and not entirely out of greed. Following in the footsteps of the empire they once belonged to, they only strive to spread their reign to improve the lives of those around them by incorporating others into the system that works so well for them. The difference between them and their origins is that instead of a genuine desire to protect the world, that line is their mission statement.

Mosyl has successfully expanded its purview to three out of the four major regions, setting up partnerships and establishing cities and cites of trade around the coasts they’ve reached so far. They work to seamlessly integrate into their neighbours until they have won them over. The nation thrives in a naive, border-confused young world.

Cardinal Hope

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