Home to druids, rangers, and ignorant peasants, Gestalt has lived with happy distance for enough time to forget even its own past. It holds little tradition or modern ambition.

What makes Gestalt distinctive is not only its sense of community, but why it breeds such a strong one. Most often, citizens of this western landmass view their continent as the entire world— without borders, without distrust, without the need for calling someone a stranger. Because of this, they are very closely knit with one another, but often bigoted and uneasy around those who wield the flags of alien nations. Fortunately, at least until recently, this hasn’t come up enough for them to recognize their distrust.

Without knowing of the outside world and its conquests, Gestalt’s nations have become antsy in the last few decades. The two most western countries (Kiar & Mekidu) have been engaging in a largely harmless spat over territory and resources for show— they wish to be recognized as their own individual nations, and struggle with a poorly defined border against an almost identical land to prove this. These locations, along with the great Esteto that lives on in blissful peace that the continent is made of a single community, are very similar culturally.

The nation that stands out in this is Morwale, the northern-most country of Toseli. They have always been more technologically advanced than their southern companions due to necessity from their climate, and in recent years they have decided that this means they are fit to rule. Not Esteto alone, nor Gestalt— this tiny little nation, without a concept of how big the world is or how far behind their neighbours are from the norm, has decided it is the rightful empire to seize power over the globe. Marking their first conquest, they have successfully overtaken a set of small islands slightly east of them, and consider this a great success. Of course, the easy-going and trusting nature of most citizens of Esteto likely lead to them not noticing the colonization until they had already been brainwashed into loving their empire and the prosperity it brought them.

Due to hunting necessity and innovative pride in technological progression, Morwale is the first and only nation so far to have perfected firearms. This brings a great irony to the land when they start trading with Esteto and the other countries of Gestalt, gifting the least developed nations with the most advanced knowledge of a new and obscure technology.

Favoured races: human, palavers/uncommon races

Favoured classes: druid, ranger, fighter, alchemist


Toseli Kalthren