There is no pantheon to follow in this setting.

Maaany many years ago, lost in the memories of any race, the gods left humanity behind and fell to sleep. As time went on, their presence faded: temples were converted or abandoned, followers either collapsed in upon themselves and broke, took it out on society and were shunned, or turned their back to their faith in resentment and chose a different path. In the end, the gods were nothing but a tale of abandoned sorrows, a narrative of betrayal on both ends.

The details of this conflict are not known to present day creatures of Toseli, although some races hold better guesses and accounts of their past than others. While the Elves in the Eastern world hold many clues, even they lack the full puzzle. Instead of dwelling on this story, the world moved on. Druids and other alternative casters became more prominent, especially in the Western animistic traditions. Gestalt especially holds the most ignorance on the matter, not even remembering that there once was a mythology beyond the current understanding.

[map o’ Gestalt yo]


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