Toseli Specific


There are some major changes to the standard Pathfinder setting in Toseli.
The biggest ones?

1. there are basically no gods, as they ditched centuries ago, and their relationship status with humanity is the ever-flattering “it’s complicated”

2. wizardry (ie the manipulation of arcana) is a human invention of the last 50 years

3. there are no sorcerers, and most wizards come out of Cardinal Hope. Enough time has passed since the beginning of wizardry that you no longer have to be from Mosyl/ the central continent to be a magic-man, though.

4. other arcane classes do exist, but the commonfolk don’t consider them arcane because ignorance of how the world works is a key theme. The lines between divine and arcane are slightly blended anyways due to a similar origin

5. “uncommon” races are more common. The world is far more animistic (especially the West) and creatures of fey, extraplanar, or otherwise origins are more integrated

I will look into classes and things and extrapolate more on things.

Toseli Specific

Toseli Kalthren