“This is what they’d been struggling for: now, they were above the gods that had left them.”

It is presumed that in a primitive land, an observer will find a primitive people. However, it is in darkness that one struggles hardest to light the fire…

Innovation. Development. Succession, exploitation, subjugation— all under the gentle and loving name of “progress”. Toseli is a young world, inhabited by old races that cannot remember their origins or purposes; in their place, the creatures of this world chose to simply live. In the last hundred years, the land has changed from a slow-moving agricultural empire to a bustling, individual-driven catastrophe of contest. In the last fifty years, the academic world of technology and science has made dramatic breakthroughs in arcana, inventing the most significant trademark of all mankind… wizardry.

Arcana. It was something spoken of in fables and epics. Children would spout gibberish and aim false wands at each other; adults would cry in the night with the hope that their tears and sweat would be a sacrifice great enough to sedate their greed. It was a mark of desperation, of power, of a desire to control. To the average peasant, such a dream was a dark thought in the night after a day too long, or failed investment of a child’s future in a distant land called “hope”.

But that land stopped being a nebulous destination when the country of Mosyl first discovered the truth of wizardry. Ever since, this success-driven nation has been expanding through its neighbours rapidly with the best intentions (mixed with a few others as the alchemy improves). Claiming to be present merely as a trading partner, an offer of medical or technological assistance, or even just a friendly nation supporting its people through new resources, Mosyl has snuck into the hearts and homes of its neighbours and claimed the world as its own. Due to its pleasantries and genuine interest in improving the lives of all living creatures*, this brave and industrious country just might succeed in its goal…


However, not all are considered equal in an equal world. The West is largely dominated by humans, and knowledge of tradition or respect for the other established races is limited. In a land that cares so much for knowledge, much is forgotten of the truths of the past: all in favour of a brighter and more developed tomorrow.

For the most part, Toseli remains at a global peace. This is thanks to the desperately lingering naivety of the crumbling empire of Kelipy, the vast land that once held the most important human city known to the history of man. Kelipy, prospering in a time of past gods and forgotten unities, had set out all military might across its purview to protect its people and keep its land strong. However, as the provinces became more distinct and the value of a unified, traditional empire vanished from the new generations, Kelipy lost its strength. Without hard military power, it was defenseless to the waning loyalty of its people. Over centuries, the country’s name dropped as the head of humanity. Recently, in this new age of ambition, the former provinces have claimed themselves as nations of their own and have begun to impede upon the land of their mother kingdom.

This is all still done in the state of temporary, innocent bliss a young world brings. Struggles and conflicts over resources have remained petty and minimal, and the nations of the West cannot even comprehend the future that hard borders will demand of them. As it is, most races are proud to be themselves, and proud to live in the region they do of Gestalt (north-west), Cardinal Hope (central continent), Chamber (the east), and The Ward (southern islands). The concept of countries is not yet a solid notion. For now, until ambition reaches a new peak, territorial feuds are simply games played by light-hearted foes.

A central theme perhaps to be noted is this: you need not fight those you hate, nor those you could struggle so easily against. Nay, instead you must learn to forget them. Let them go, and better yourself for it. One cannot conquer the world if caught up in a single battle, after all.

Of course, that’s only how the world so pleasantly gets along with itself. To make a real change, a real challenge must be met…


The dead horse mill Erolki Shidoni