The Ward

Both The Ward and Chamber are very different lands from their western counterparts; they each have a rich and distinct culture that stands strong even in this age of exploitation and change.

The Ward isn’t a continent itself but instead a collection of different countries, spread over the islands and atolls marking the southern half of the world. This region holds the most distinct nations, although they have no reason to hold conflict with each other. Perhaps with the most mature system of government, The Ward contains the most detailed provinces and monarchies.

This region carries the most widespread diversity. As the longitude develops there are visible changes in the physical land, the architecture, and the locals within it. Following the rest of the world, influenced by trade and spiritual standing, the western nations are less developed and more dependent on nature than the industries of the East.

The centre countries reflect the notions of the old Empire of Kelipy the strongest, despite only being loosely associated with Cardinal Hope. Due to close proximity, both Verdan and Dragari have been age-old trading partners with the Empire. However, as members of The Ward, they have protected themselves from assimilation.

The East is a densely populated, historically savvy, government and religion heavy region (comparatively) that is a totally different land than the rest of Toseli. In recent years the most dramatic event was a province of the country Eoni, Iteit, formed a lengthy revolution and broke free from the nation, forming their own. Nothing much changed but they are probably the most proud country in the entirety of the globe simply because they won.

The Ward

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