Both The Ward and Chamber are very different lands from their western counterparts; they each have a rich and distinct culture that stands strong even in this age of exploitation and change…

A land without secrets, a land without flaws— this continent prides itself on being an established, developed world that is NOT in need of improving. Home to the highest density of Elves and historians, Chamber holds the most knowledge out of the different regions. However, with their love of libraries, they don’t really intend to DO anything with this resource. They prefer to think of themselves as the rulers of the world, as a people of prestige and patience.

They are known for having the prettiest buildings and the most stuck-up bureaucracy.

The race build-up is different from the other regions. Palavers and minor races are far less common here: a land where the Companions have reigned for centuries. Gnomes and Elves especially stand out here as prominent members of society, found largely in the beautiful cities of the southern nations. The North is filled with tough Orcs and diligent Halflings, working as anything from farm-help to fulfilling intricate roles in the scientific intrigue. And, of course, all races are found in the most developed trading system in all of Toseli, run by the prosperous Aeleia. Between the actual help and the pirates born from valuable merchandise, the water of the bay and the sea between Chamber and Cardinal Hope are always full and busy.


Toseli Kalthren